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Interested in Becoming an OAenterprise OEM?

OAenterprise provides a comprehensive embedded control platform for our OEM customers.  The system utilizes a highly distributed and component based technical architecture that allows for automation and control, visualization, management of alarms and event notification, as well as data historization and trending of an OEM’s machinery, equipment, controllers, devices, etc.  OAenterprise utilizes Microsoft’s Embedded XP operating system as its technical platform.

The machines displayed on this page are a few of the existing OEM products that have an embedded OAenterprise application as part of their overall design.  These solutions were designed using a Mechatronics approach whereby the mechanics, electronics, software, and control were engineered in unison.  This allows for simpler, more economical, reliable, and flexible products.

OAenterprise embedded control solutions all are delivered with our “OA Inside” label which certifies the highest “built in” quality and reliability in embedded automation and control.