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Today’s Energy and Utilities companies are faced with a growing number of challenges and barriers that impact their ability to reduce costs, improve yields, optimize production, and improve customer satisfaction.  These challenges include:

  • Managing risks associated with unexpected disruptions to production facilities or equipment
  • Fluctuating energy prices in a global deregulated market
  • Environmental, health, and safety legislation and their impacts
  • Increased competition and the need to provide new differentiated products and services
  • How to effectively leverage the ERP investment of the last decade
  • The need to be more nimble and responsive to market and business change

OA International’s OAenterprise was developed to specifically address these issues.  OAenterprise is a Control and Operational Intelligence platform used to develop specific Energy & Utilities solutions to manage enterprise-wide risk and costs.  Using OAenterprise, real-time critical operating indicators are constantly monitored with alarm management functionality providing event and exception notifications.  OAenterprise’s integration utilities provide the foundation for tapping this data from logic controllers, field devices and sensors, as well as legacy application systems, such as ERP, EAM, and energy commodity systems.  This information is then provided to global users by utilizing OAenterprise’s Internet–based communications infrastructure.  Thus, remote users can manage their operations more effectively by utilizing OAenterprise to pull information from a wide variety of sources and to determine if critical operating indicators are within expected tolerances.

OAenterprise then goes one step further by providing complete automation, control, and coordination of operations and equipment by reacting to critical operating indicators using its real-time control engine and business logic.  A powerful historian allows for process data storage, retrieval, and presentation services to give operators, engineers, and managers a way of viewing current, recent, and past operational details as a function of time.

Energy Control Solutions built with OAenterprise can be deployed across a wide array of business applications such as:

  • Pipeline and gathering operations
  • Custody transfer and meter proving
  • Compressor station operations and control
  • Refining and plant management
  • Tank storage and logistics
  • Terminal control
  • Electric grid operation and control
  • LDC remote metering
  • Well completion / sub-sea completion control
  • Environmental, health, & safety regulation compliance