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OA provides its customers with powerful automation and control solutions for handling the operations and processes associated with varying and diversified Industrial Services.   Examples of solutions delivered to this industry include:

Airport Management
Airports around the world require an overall control system foundation that enables its operations and services to perform in a reliable, dependable, efficient, and cost effective manner.   With hundreds of aircraft and thousands of passengers arriving and departing from any given airport on any given day, this requirement can seem very frustrating and difficult to attain.  It was with this in mind that OA International developed an overall automation and control system for managing and improving the performance of airport operations.  This system was developed using OA’s Industrial Automation, Control, and Operational Intelligence System, OAenterprise, which controls and monitors Passenger Gates and Boarding Bridges, Hanger Retention Ponds, Computer Rooms, HVAC, Terminal Lighting and UPS Systems.

Material Handling Automation & Control
Today’s Material Handling Systems need an associated automation and control system that can accommodate high speed material handling in a reliable, efficient, and cost effective manner.  These systems also need to be both flexible, scalable, and extensible enough for those customers that, for example, require a few meters of conveyor to those that need hundreds.  They also need to be open enough to handle different conveyor manufacturers’ requirements, as well as different I/O, automation controllers, scanners, etc.  OA has implemented OAenterprise-based Material Handling Automation & Control Systems in both manufacturing plants and distribution centers that facilitate these demands.  These systems provide our customers with a highly dependable logistics solution for controlling varying material handling environments.

Tank Storage and Control
Tank Storage and Logistics companies are challenged with facilities that have several types of storage tanks for storing several types of oil and chemical products.  Each of these differing products has its own storage processes, storage tanks, and legal restrictions and regulations which makes managing a large tank farm quite a task.  OA International developed an OAenterprise-based Tank Storage and Control System that provides its customers with an object-based solution for managing the loading of products from ocean vessels to storage tanks, the conditioning of products during storage, and the transfer of product from the storage tanks to trucks, ships, or rail cars for end use distribution.