OAenterprise Overview



OA2history is the OAenterprise component that provides process data storage, retrieval, and presentation services to give operators, engineers, and managers a way of viewing current, recent, and past operational details as a function of time.



With OA2history, you can:

  • history_screen.gifConfigure any or all attributes in the OAenterprise system for historical storage.
  • Save time-series data for all OAenterprise-supported data types, including strings, integers, floating points, and Boolean values.
  • Create customized trending displays of pre-configured or ad hoc streams of time-series data.
  • Analyze trends in processes in order to plan process changes.
  • Set up value dead-banding and/or time slicing preprocessing parameters for each attribute for high-fidelity, yet efficient data storage.
  • Provide for fault-tolerant, redundant storage and retrieval configurations to ensure high availability of process and related historical data.
    - Route storage to up to three local and/or remote storage destinations.
    - Transparently retrieve data from OA2history as a whole or from any subset of its storage locations - from anywhere within OAenterprise.
    - Manage distributed history vaults and repositories for secure, reliable storage and instant access.
  • Use OAenterprise general capabilities, in conjunction with those of OA2history, to provide for unmanned operation and management of the history system.
  • cdx_site_trend.jpgUse OLE Automation interfaces to provide interoperability between automation clients and OA2history for retrieval and management operations.
  • Utilize multiple History Vaults- With OA2history’s scatter/gather model, you can store (scatter) data in and transparently retrieve (gather) data from multiple history vaults, each running on a different node to provide built-in redundancy.  A few simple configuration settings eliminate the possibility of a single point of failure.