OAenterprise Overview


OA2alarms_Small.gifOA2alarms is a distributed alarm detection and alarm/event management system. Intelligent alarming provides the process alarm services to configure, detect, and manage alarm conditions and system events anywhere in the enterprise.

history_screen.gifWith OA2alarms, you can:

  • Simultaneously configure different detection criteria on a single attribute.
  • Construct specialty objects to detect and manage complex alarm conditions.
  • Accommodate changes in process dynamics by automatically switching sets of alarm limit thresholds.
  • Manage alarm storms and filter out secondary alarm sources to focus on key alarms.
  • Distribute a selected subset of the total alarm situation to specific people and/or devices.
  • Share flexible alarm summary information with OA2view and OAworkbench.
  • Set up and maintain alarm event logging to files and line printers.
  • Create custom client applications that receive alarm & simple event updates in real-time.

Using an attribute-centric model, OA2alarms allows multiple and simultaneous alarm detection on any, or all, of the attributes in your OAenterprise system. The three forms of detection that are common to the industry - Limit, Rate-of-Change (ROC), and Deviation alarm detection techniques - are extended to provide a comprehensive detection model for all meaningful data types.