OAenterprise Overview


OA2controle_Small.gifOAenterprise’s OA2control is a real-time control development tool and execution engine that supports a wide range of industrial operations, manufacturing processes, and business workflows in any environment - continuous, discrete, or batch.  With its visual control strategy editor, associated control and business logic editors, and real-time control engine, OA2control has everything required to develop a comprehensive control or operation strategy.  As an integral part of OAenterprise, OA2control provides an open and adaptable architecture for real-time connectivity with a wide variety of I/O to ensure an exact fit to your requirements.

oa_control.gifWith OA2control you can:

  • Create control and business intelligence for each class
  • Test and run this intelligence in objects created from the class.
  • Connect these objects to form a control strategy.
  • Manage the control strategy.

Flexible Control Editors
OA2control provides several standard editors to develop your control programs. These include both graphical and text-based editors including:

  • Java Text
  • Ladder Logic
  • Sequential Function Chart
  • Function Block

sfc_chart.gifThe editors enable you to perform online diagnostics and debugging, showing real-time values from the OA2control engines. The IEC 61131-3 graphical editors animate their diagrams with real-time information to help you troubleshoot your control programs.

Flexible Control Engine
The control engine runs the small programs (referred to as methods) that are associated with the objects you create. OA2control provides two classes of control engines: 1) OAJavaControlRealtime; and 2) OAJavaControlStandard.

The OAJavaControlRealtime engine runs at real-time priority inside the OAframework process to provide the fastest and most responsive possible process control. The engine communicates with real I/O using the OPC connectivity or the Class Server mechanism of the OAframework.