OAenterprise Overview

OAenterprise Overview

OAenterprise_Small.gifOAenterprise is a powerful and comprehensive Industrial Automation, Distributed Process Control, and Operational Intelligence System, which allows users to graphically monitor, control and coordinate all key business and manufacturing processes. Unlike traditional automation and control systems, OAenterprise offers the world’s most adaptive process modeling technology and unlimited extensibility and scalability. OAenterprise allows for:

  • control_room.jpgSecure Monitoring: Empower everyone in the enterprise to see operations, process flows, and conditions at every level of your operation in real-time
  • Powerful Control: Optimize your operations by adding control logic and automated decision support to improve productivity, customer service, agility, and responsiveness
  • Comprehensive Coordination: Enable real-time cooperation and well-orchestrated effort within and between every operation in your plant, factory, or enterprise

OAenterprise is the only product in the marketplace that provides both real-time plant floor process monitoring & control and coherent, intelligent business system interaction in one integrated, open solution.  Combine all this with an advanced, yet proven distributed architecture that provides flexibility, scalability, extensibility and user configurability, and you have the most comprehensive production information, control and automation system available.  OAenterprise was built on an open, real-time, and highly distributed object framework.  Within OAenterprise, control, visualization, history, alarming, and 3rd party applications interoperate across a distributed PC network.   These functions are embodied in OAenterprise’s OA2control, OA2view, OA2alarms, and OA2history modules

OAenterprise_flowchart.gifOAenterprise features powerful re-use technologies. Users can define class libraries which closely represent physical devices and equipment or effectively model production and distribution processes. These intuitive building blocks make it easy to capture business and process knowledge, replicate it, maintain it, improve it, and re-deploy it as your enterprise evolves.